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My Crypto Addresses:
(BTC, XBT) Bitcoin: 1EE6F7okLsvQKndyA3MEEm9fWqL2Caxr1c
(BCH) Bitcoin Cash: qzg3x6m0ra43pd29lyv8mkajzawuc8cvhs7fyfrcjq
(ETH) Ethereum: 0x37448F43246e1F307F776882b0269e5781bcC698
(USDT) Tether ERC-20: 0x37448F43246e1F307F776882b0269e5781bcC698
(USDT) Tether TRC-20: TDvN7PbHnU8ANBPGboMrbqGEEbsRR8VKqw
(LTC) Litecoin: Lc4ERJhALsrDhQJyi3LGECJQJNKqgeh9SZ
(DOGE) Dogecoin: DEiFYcXB9J9kzKz2299dQ5UqTqrk9D14ff
(SOL) Solana: J29Jd46MxEkuSQdt98ccy9Tm9ct4djCM5dtQf4ugBShf
(ZEC) Zcash: t1Jcy3DGp1H8BSB895AxxUh4WgbR5kTBbe1
(DGB) DigiByte: D7kjZw8zgP5kMeMswQv39MacoNV1zTk7h8

and also:
(XMR) Monero: 47zf3foVg7e2N2do4fnLSHHoZ2Y7FRaCt3CGssGEaY8YNQZ1SeQRTUGNL2ntAWoUkhhTPkz1mmdMLFr7QfEi8uc7GhV7RtB
(XNO) NANO: nano_1rm73bo5zixh3z6476sn9ak5omuto34n7rfx6apnmyrswt9e4zopqu7ddji4
(BAN) Banano: ban_1as3js9sctah4s4z5dmie48haunoqx5gujpgjqip78agkfmf796dht4m73we
(XCH) Chia: xch15cm9l7h7ucpfk3z4p69m6n0pmyw36p3yxf0m84vdu7pptyhad3wsn7ykga
(ZER) Zero: t1ZEQZYAozY539qMydZ5CFrGrUt1gaKr9yK

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Terms of Service (ToS)

You must know:
0. ETI does not guarantee clicks of your banner.
1. ETI does not spew fake clicks. And clicks via VPN/Proxy are some normal practise as whole.
2. ETI does not guarantee that your website will receive visits, many visits, many visits often.
3. Keep in mind that ETI will bring bots to your site! Also it's possible to be created many backlinks. ETI brings bot traffic, well and human/organic traffic too of course.
If you don't want many bots into your website, this is not correct place to put your banners.
ETI doesn't have a botnet - bot, bots! It's just that many bots visit ETI and maybe they will come to your website too. Calm, this is not dangerous for your site.
4. Your money goes towards renewing my domains and for my crypto faucets. You will be listed as my Sponsor on my wall.
5. Full refund in Paypal, if You don't see your banners around ETI AD NETWORK the next few days. Please be patient, technology time is needed.
6. If I found evil program code in your Image/Picture of the banner, I will remove it, if is hosted on! I will refund your money!
7. If I see hidden evil code, injected into the HTML code of the banner hosted on your web server, I will remove your banner from my Ad network.
It's not allowed to inject code from other Ad netwoks too. I will refund your money, if the proccess of our work is at the begining (upto 14 days).
8. Please note that my sites haven't anti Adblocker, BlockAdblock scripts, because I don't want to put such a thing.
9. You are able to change the design of your banner at any time, even if you choose to be hosted on or
10. ETI guarantee 99% Uptime & to provide Ad Impressions.
Thank You!